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Shedtech has created an Australian first windload design software program - WindCheck - to meet industry demand for this product. Site specific wind design speed analysis is now available for use in your business as world’s best practice. Utilising the wind code AS/NZS 1170.2 (2002) and its applications our interactive program inputs site data to calculate the exact design wind speed for any building site in Australia.

This ultimate limit state analysis of wind speed expressed in metres per second terms is suitable for the design of any structure and will assist in the correct application of design codes for rural, domestic, industrial, commercial and institutional buildings.

Necessary inputs for site analysis include building heights, building importance levels, annual wind probabilities, wind regions, regional wind speed, terrain categories, shielding factors, and site topography. Our system allows for all wind regions from non to full cyclonic areas. These inputs are in accord with requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and used in conjunction with its referenced standards.

Following recent initiatives to move away from obsolete wind standards with old prefix W, N & C values from the housing code AS 4055, we are proud to offer this solution to not only shed resellers, but also building certifiers, builders, engineers, building designers and architects. Truly a new, must have analysis package for the building industry.

For every job a unique printed certificate is produced stating site details and all specific data inputs for each necessary design criteria. This will disclose the most adverse use for which the building is designed. To enhance our specific site design process we have added a link to Google Earth to print a satellite picture of the site address together with a street view where available. This information will then be supplied for each job to the building certifier for checking and approval with all other usual mandatory building application documentation.

User design guide and explanatory notes are included in the package.

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